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Published on 10/05/2014 by Euskatfund

1962-2012 F.lli Mazzon S.p.A. - 50 years of passion and work with the foundry.

1962-2012 F.lli Mazzon S.p.A. - 50 years of passion and work with the foundry.

In market since 1962, F.lli Mazzon - Italian leader in the production of resins and coatings for the Founfry - just celebrated its 50th anniversary with a party in which over 500 people participated among employees, customers, distributors and international agents. Visitis were organized to the plants and laboratories R & D, shows with musical artists, theater, sculptors, and dinner with typical local products, in the presence, among others, the mayor, the president and chief of Assofond - Italian Association of Foundries - Mr. Enrico Frigerio and Silvano Squaratti, director Amafond. - Italian Association of suppliers of machinery and foundry products - Mr. Fabrizio Carmagnini.

In Mazzon at present there are 50 employees and 15 external partners in logistics and maintenance work.
Thanks to collaboration with a wide network of agents and distributors experienced in the foundry sector, Mazzon has developed and consolidated over the years its international presence in over 30 countries, reaching a foreign operation that 2011 achieved 30% of total turnover, tripling its exports in the last five years.
Mazzon's total production in 2011 was 25,000 Tn., with an average of 120 Tons. material sent every day, and a total turnover of 30 million Euros.
The competitive strength of the company is in the high customization of products, tailored to the needs of each client, in the technical advice provided by the sales team and a quick and timely logistics service.
Committed to ensure high quality of its products, Mazzon analyzes 100% of raw materials, whose physical and chemical parameters must comply with the technical specifications agreed with the laboratory R & D, before going into the production cycle. Also, each production batch is checked before shipment to the customer to verify that it conforms to the characteristics required by the customer himself.
Different departments of the company are always immersed in the search for new targets, trying to improve and streamline their processes to optimize resources and reduce costs.
Staff training plays an increasingly important role, as well as respect for the rules on safety and the environment. In the years 2006-2011 about 8 million Euros were invested to increase production capacity, which rose from 16,000 to 25,000 tons. That has allowed us to face significant orders in fast times and comply with requests and demands of new markets.
It continues to invest heavily in research and development, studying innovative and customized products, through close collaboration with the foundries / clients, which help us to improve the use of paints and resins in its production process.
At the same time, the continuous exchange of views and experiences among commercial technicians and foundries metallurgists, achieve successful outcomes from the point of view of a best aspect of castings and alternative solutions and more economical, always in search for greater competitiveness.
In the last two years Mazzon has decided to optimize their organization, according to the theories of Lean management, focusing on everything that creates value for the customer, eliminating at least impotante and involving all departments of the company and human resources in the process so that all look the same target. Sharing values and targets, we believe it will be easier to satisfy the most demanding customers and be competitive in different markets.
Besides working since 1997 with a quality system according to ISO 9001: 2008, with the intention of controlling and improving the environmental situation and proposing sustainable development, the company is in the process of certification for Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001. it has also implemented a management system of Occupational Safety and Health has materialized certified according to international standards BS OHSAS 18001.
Mazzon is present in the Spanish market for several years with furan resins, phenolic, alkaline and cold box, its coating to water and alcohol, and various auxiliary additives for foundries.
Over the past two years have perfected a series of innovative products and appreciated by the market thanks to its excellent performance and low environmental impact, coatings based ceramics loads without zirconium, with high refractoriness without radioactivity; cold box resins high performance and better mould release of the core box; no-bake furan resins Ecofur 4000 series with free FA <25% without phenol and formaldehyde, classified harmful and non-toxic; antiveining additives for cold-box core without gas; impregnation anti-penetration.
With his decisive technical and commercial support our representatives and distributors for the Spanish market - EUSKATFUND SL - have allowed a good introduction of our products in the Spanish foundries and remain a point of reference for any information on our range.

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