Euskatfund offers a wide range of additives to improve the characteristics of the sand molds and cores, as well as solvents, glue for molds and cores, agents to promote stripping and different types of silica sand and special sands for use both in the moulding area and the core making.

Iron Oxide Sphere Ox

Iron Oxide Sphere Ox

Synthetic Iron Oxide Sphere Ox improves exponentially  the results obtained with the traditional natural magnetites . Reduce defects due to thermal expansion in the melt (burn in, penetration, veining  ) for its high cooling capacity. Reduces gas defects (pinholes), for its ability to capture oxides at the time of the melt. The test to determine this is to make a loss on Ignition. As shown in the graph, the natural magnetites increa...

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Chromite sand

Chromite sand

Chromite Sand is a special sand with very good properties at high temperatures. Provides a high resistance to penetration of the liquid metal, and compared with other sands produce more rapid cooling of the casting. Thermal expansion is much lower than the silica sand thus reducing the problems resulting from the expansion of the sand. Supplied with a size 46-55 AFA and typical content of their major oxides is Cr2O3: 46 %, FeO : 27 % , Al2O3 : 15...

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Sand recovering additive

ANTI-K. Suspension of water used to reduce excess potassium for the reclamation of alkaline binder  sand system. Additive added in the treatment of the reclamation sand, mechanically, before starting the thermal reclamation....

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Release Agents

SG-1008. colourless release agent for wooden core boxes and wooden moulds SG-1010. silver coloured release agent - higher performances, for core boxes and metal moulds...

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Alcohol thinners for refractory coatings

TECNOSOL ETD/100. Mixture of isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcohol, which ensures lower heat input to the flaming in the mould, so the mould does not suffer calcinations and deformations by excess heat. DEODORIZED ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL....

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EUR-COLA NL. fluid cold glue for moulds and cores, which prevents leakage of the melt in the filling of the mold and the proper sealing of the covers so that the melt does not close the air vents of the core, causing blowholes. EUR-COLA HF. dense quick-drying cold glue for cores SPEED GLUE PR.1. quick-drying solvent based glue,  used for bonding cores or for recovering broken cores.....

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Mould Seals

CORD-PLAST.  seals used for the closure of the two mold parts. Prevents leakage of melt...

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Exothermic Powders for Feeders

FUNKAT-24. exothermic powders with fast exothermic reaction - high insulating properties. Different types of powders depending on casting....

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SphereOx a solution to the defects of the foundry

SphereOx a solution to the defects of the foundry

Veining, calcinations, penetrations and pinholes are common defects of the pieces of cast iron, and the daily struggle of foundries to control them. Unfortunately, many variables can contribute to the cause of the fault, starting from the choice of t...

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