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Published on 22/04/2014 by Euskatfund

Cold Box resins LEGANOL to meet various demands in foundry

Cold Box resins LEGANOL to meet various demands in foundry

Thanks to close cooperation with customers foundries, Mazzon F.lli technicians have been able to develop a new cold box resins, according to the specific requirements of each foundry, the different types of casting, type of metal, and defects, modifying the synthesis of the phenolic part, solvents, additives.
Here to see some important results:
Resins for solving ecological emissions to atmosphere LEGANOL without VOC.
The ecological Leganol no VOC, ie free of volatile organic compounds, born of the need to respect the increasingly rigid rules on emissions limits - in ppm - which vary from area to area and continue down environmental problems. For minimum values without installing biofilters or combustors-scrubber, foundries can use the system without VOC, which functions as the traditional system but has made eliminating hydrocarbons to evaporate solvents into the atmosphere, and synthesizing resins with high content active substance fluid.
Resins for troubleshooting calcinations
Has been successfully tested the employing a cold box resins which reduce or substantially eliminate defects calcinations in castings, reducing the time and costs required to coating and drying of mould and core. Inorganic compounds introduced in the formulation and high heat resistance resins, a system that allows no paint cores and reduce burrs and cleaning costs is obtained.
Resins for solving veining
Veining problem - depending on the thermal expansion of the sand which causes cracks in cores and metal penetration - can be solved using good sand, additives or appropriate coating. Even resins cold box can help in solving the problem: in fact it is a thermoplastic polymer and this feature can be amplified to give more elasticity to the resin, avoiding the formation of tension in the sand and cracks during smelting. With this system have achieved good results with good antiveining reduced cleaning costs.
Resins against hot deformation
There are some pieces that require particular dimensional accuracy, because even minimal deformations in the core can cause defects dimension. Core subject to metal pressure actually tend to deform. The R & D lab, working on the aspect of polymer synthesis and obtaining chains low molecular weight and branched during the reaction creates a dense three-dimensional network, has developed a system for maximum rigidity hot. These characteristics are particularly appreciated in foundries/core-making which manufacturing disk brake.

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