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Published on 07/05/2014 by Euskatfund

Functional Core-shooter Machines

Functional Core-shooter Machines

They are adjectives that describe the characteristics of a efficiently core-shooter machine: versatile, practical, convenient, fast, economical ... important qualities which, unfortunately, are not easy to measure objectively.
Sometimes bombastic brand of a core shooter machine, along with aesthetics and clever advertising drives up the price, so it is well above the price of core shooter machines of small manufacturers as PRIMAFOND of Vicenza, Italy. As experience shows, the price difference often does not correspond to performance and higher outputs.
The premise is that investment in technological innovation and new equipment, in foundry, becomes vital to remain viable, efficient and grow.
The connection between the needs of the founders and collaboration with machine builders, technically prepared and constant dose of innovation, creates positive developments generating strong and efficient foundries. Fundamental to the founder is the choice of the manufacturer, since this must interpret the needs of the founder, providing expertise, equipment quality, good after sales service and professionalism in the business relationship.
Furthermore, equal productivity for efficient and profitable equipment, we evaluate other important aspects for professionals core making:
  • Simplicity of operations and commands.
  • Easy adjustment and extraction of cores.
  • Easy assembly of the core box.
  • Minimum and easy maintenance.
In particular, the choice of a core-shooter machine for large cores, for example to produce cores over 50 Kgs., These issues should have been considered carefully, as they determine customer satisfaction.
The number of core-shooter machines for COLD BOX PRIMAFOND SCB 40-60 - 80 A 100, with capacities from 40 up to 100 liters, to been appreciated by discerning professionals in core production of medium and large size. In common with the machines of the same type from other manufacturers, core shooter machine model "SCB" of PRIMAFOND, have the strength, power, hydraulic movements, automatic operation with PLC control, basic elements now thanks to the available technology. The company incorporates its core shooter machine all safety measures required for safe operation, simplicity of use and regulation, ease of assembly of moulds and removal of cores, joining the comfortable working position, the ability easily add any type of armor or hook.
PRIMAFOND designs and manufactures a full range of core-shooter machines for Cold Box, capable from 5 up to 100 liters from simple and universal core-shoote machine for manual boxes, to automatic core-shooter machines with constant production of 120 cycles/hour and machines for horizontal boxes with votes for the extraction of the core of the core-shooter machine outside. Completes its offer with the following equipment:
  • Sand preparation and distribution systems for all core-making processes
  • Core-shooter machines for cold box or shell moulding process.
  • Automatic gas-generators suitable for all cold processes
  • Batch mixers
  • Pneumatic conveyors
  • Air cleaning scrubbers for the treatment of emissions caused by any core-making process
  • Tanks for core-coating applications
  • Drying systems for coated cores
  • Wedge feeder breakers for ductile iron or manganese steel castings
  • Impact breakers
The answer of technicians PRIMAFOND for any need is always fast and direct, so PRIMAFOND be the perfect partner in his foundry to improve their core making, based on solid experience acquired over the years, having served many needs and customizations our customers, with a high degree of satisfaction. Our collaboration with EUSKATFUND you approach aims to achieve the above objectives.

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