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In 2015 our Company achieved the ISO 14001 Certification, the international reference standard for the global managing systems. This is an important stage further along the road to the environmental improvement that our Company is currently pursuing.

Many investments have been made during these last years in order to grant the achievement of such result.

First of all, new updated abatement equipment have been installed, such as a bio-filter composed by 4 containers filled with bio masses: the odorous molecules present in the air of the production departments are in this way absorbed and neutralized.

Another intervention concerns the further development of the sewage treatment plant. It has been installed a chemical-physical and biological system which purify both the very first rain water and the one coming from the Production departments, hence allowing their reuse within the working plants.

Further steps have been made also in the field of fire safety. Indeed, new water reservoirs have been installed for a total capacity of 90 m3, together with two independent pumping units, used only when there is no water main supply.

The underground is monitored through the analysis of the groundwater samples, taken by piezometers 40 m deep, positioned in the Production Dept. and both up- and downstream of the working area.

In July 2015 F.lli Mazzon achieved the Integrated Environmental Authorization (Autorizzazione Integrata Ambientale – “AIA”) according to the UE Regulations, against any forms of pollution and environmental risk. Moreover, all the plants have been recently secured in order to achieve the Certificate of Seismic Compliance.

Besides the updating of all reactors, chemical plants, underground tanks, etc. strict safety rules are applied and must be followed for every single activity, even the easiest one, such as the recycling: paper, plastic, iron, mud, etc. are recollected and sent to the authorized waste disposers.

Our efforts towards the environment and the quality of both products and services are certified by DNV GL, the most important European certification body, leader in the field of the respect for performing conformity assessment activities. 

Our environmental policy currently allows the following activities to be followed:

-       Seeking to improve programs and systems, by preventing and minimizing risks;

-       Keeping on creating sustainable activities;

-       reporting all the environmental friendly activities in a transparent way – both in and out of the Company – in order to grant the safety of employees and neighborhood;

The achievement of ISO 14001 Certification shows the Company sensitive approach towards the environment and its commitment to create a sustainable development. This is possible also through the constant staff training activities concerning chemical substances and the related regulations, which are constantly evolving.   

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