Molding in Green

Euskatfund represented BELLOI & ROMAGNOLI Srl.

The design department of BELLOI & ROMAGNOLI is equipped with the lastest computer technology and programs to keep the company at the forefront of developing new and better equipment.

We have the necessary equipment to provide turnkey, any molding in green.

Compact moulding machine

Compact moulding machine

To make the mould, the compaction of the sand into the flask is first made with an air impact; the mould is then finished with a hydraulic squeeze. This process allows for a uniform distribution of the sand during the air impact. The hydraulic squeeze provides a uniform mould hardness for all of the surfaces and also around the edges of the flask. The operational settings for the Air Impact and the Hydraulic Squeeze are adjustable through the op...

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The mixer or muller is rightly considered to be the pulsating heart of the sand plant. Obviously, it is the most important machine where ideal conditions of moulding sand are restored. Over the years, the market has been invaded by the most various types of mixers: from the first mixers with scrapers to the actual intensive mixers. Today, a mixer must satisfy the following requirements: Production of constant quality sand High productivity ...

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Sand and casting Coolin Drum

Sand and casting Coolin Drum

Effective cooling and humidification of the green return sand are important to ensure optimum sand quality. The drum cooler has been designed to provide modern foundries with the possibility of simultaneously cooling the sand and the castings and to facilitate the cleaning and the aspiration of the fines of the sand.   The castings are transported from a vibrating conveyor to the drum. The cooling process is based on the evaporation o...

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Automatic green sand control system "GSC"

Automatic green sand control system

The quality of the sand is a fundamental aspect of the quality of the mould and, therefore, it is also fundamental for high productivity in castings of high quality. Designed for use with large capacity green mixers, the "GSC" system regulates and supervises the process in the green sand mixers, and ensures that the characteristics of the green sand prepared for moulding remain within a constant range. The regulation is carried out automaticall...

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