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Published on 22/03/2020 by Euskatfund

New Pavilion for the manufacture of Sleeves and Mini- Risers

New Pavilion for the manufacture of Sleeves and Mini- Risers

EUSKATFUND expands its facilities with a new 2,100 m2 pavilion for the manufacture of high-performance SLEEVES and MINI-RISERS. With this new pavilion, EUSKATFUND responds to your manufacturing needs for this range of product, thus, being able to guarantee supply to its customers.

With the entry into operation of this new pavilion, EUSKATFUND completes modern facilities of more than 7,000 m2.

This new pavilion is divided into 3 zones.

  • A first area for the storage of raw materials and tools.
  • The production plant itself is located in the central area, which includes 5 Cold Box Core Shooter Machines,    ranging from 35 to 16 liters. We also have a Shell Moulding Core shooter Machine for the manufacture of pre-coated    sand Breaker Core.
  • The last section of the pavilion is destined for the finished product stock to guarantee a quick response in the supply of our customers' orders.

In the outer zone, of the central nave, we find the compressor house and the amine Scrubber. The increasingly demanding environmental regulations oblige us to maintain maximum attention in the working conditions of our factory and thus guarantee the health of our workers.

The growing demand for MINI RISERS, by our customers, encouraged us to undertake the expansion with these new facilities. The EURCAST EXO-U MINI RISERS are low-density, high-performance sleeves. Its dimensions, with thicker walls than conventional sleeves, and its optimal exothermic-insulating formulation, give them an exothermic module  much greater than that of traditional sleeves.

High performance for castings in iron, steel and all alloys of these metals, molded in sand and other systems. MINI MAZAROTAS provide healthy parts, without porosity and without metal reaction with the sleeve.

Thanks to the technology applied to our EURCAST EXO SLEEVES AND MINI-RISERS, products with constant characteristics are obtained:

  • Good dimensional precisión
  • Stable quality
  • High performance
  • Reduction of waste removal cost
  • Sleeves and Mini-Risers hygroscopic, do not absorb moisture
  • Exothermic-Insulating
  • Chemical homogeneity
  • Fiber free
  • Minimum gas emission

A close and direct relationship with the technical departments of our customers allows the design and manufacture of any sleeve or MINI RISER, according to the customer design.

We remain attentive to the needs and fluctuations of the market to undertake new investments. We are ending 2019 and we are looking forward to a 2020 year full of opportunities that, with enthusiasm and the support of our customers, will surely be successful again.

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