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Primafond celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Primafond celebrates its 20th Anniversary

The history

Since its establishment in 1990, Primafond has been sustained by the long experience in design and construction of foundry and core-shop equipment, designed by our founder Claudio Cavedon, who from the early 70s worked in the foundry industry as technical director of the prestigious company “Imafond”. 
The company motto was and still is “From long experience, comes the best quality.

For 20 years our team have continuously researched modern, safe and functional equipment solutions offered by new and ever evolving technologies.

The combination of experience and research guarantees the reliability of Primafond machines.
Thanks to the faith of numerous International and domestic customers, Primafond has so far manufactured:

  • 115 Sand preparation and distribution systems for the production of foundry cores
  • 153 Core-shooter machines for Cold Box process
  • 105 Core-shooter machines for Shell Moulding process
  • 310 Automatic gas generators for various cold cure processes

Primafond has also paid particular attention to feeder removal of ductile iron castings, making over 300 wedge feeder breakers and pneumatic canon impact breakers.

The ability to remanufacture and modernise used machines, of any model brand and origin, has always been appreciated by Primafond customers.

We also manufacture a wide range of accessories such as sand batch mixers, sand crushing units for sand recovery, pneumatic conveyors, dipping tanks for coating cores and core deflashing machines which complements the company’s equipment portfolio.

Our values: 

The manufacturing programme is completely focussed on advancing our designs as well as making bespoke machines according to the customer’s requirements.

From the initial design, up to the after-sales service, Primafond is respected as a reliable partner who has studied the most suitable solutions to optimise the client’s production needs.

Our machines are built with passion and constant attention to user friendliness and operator safety is a major consideration. In this way, we combine high build quality levels while at the same time maintaining realistic pricing structures.

The future

Our anniversary follows a year of deep economical crisis, but despite all of this, Primafond has continued manufacturing. An important order for a core shop in Russia is a good auspice for a more prosperous 2010.

We would very much like to express our gratitude to all of our past and current customers who have helped us to reach this important milestone, and hope that we will continue to attract new and returning clients who appreciate our dedication to their requirements. 

The alliance with Euskatfund increases the hope to be open to new customers, we disclose our production and availability to participate in their projects, adding sincere gratitude to all customers, employees and partners who have enabled the achievement of this goal have collaborated with foundries and core-shop over the past 20 years.

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